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The sole purpose of creating
is to show the citizens of the European Union
– preserving their own national consciousness –
that they can and should become a proud and conscious European citizen.

  • Who does not want to show the most beautiful, best part of him/herself and his home country?
  • Who does not want to be adventurous – at least virtually – and to travel to new landscapes and countries every day?
  • Who doesn’t want to look at and get to know the best, most successful movies in Europe at home, day after day?

How can INTER-EUROPE TV serve these goals?

The INTER-EUROPE TV is the concept of a television channel broadcast throughout all countries of the European Union, available to each and every European household using the most accessible, free of charge, cheapest possible cable television and / or terrestrial broadcasting channels.

The INTER-EUROPE TV would be an entertaining and informative television channel edited by the 28 (or 27 Brexit) Member States once a month. The shows would be broadcasted / subtitled in the language of the Member States by central satellite broadcasting to all citizens of all Member States.

The news programs of INTER-EUROPE TV are provided by EURONEWS.

On days remaining after using 28 (27) days of the month for the purposes of the Member States, we would create 1 European Day, and the rest days of month we offering for different European partner – specially the soon to be member – countries as a guest day. (Switzerland, Norway, Serbia, Ukraine, Macedonia, etc.)